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Common Plumbing Problems

Everyone needs a plumber handy. Pipes burst, boilers fail, you lose water pressure, all very frustrating. It can be useful to know what the causes of common problems are, so you know what to communicate to your plumber, and so...

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What Are The Different Types of Boilers Available?

Combination boilers (combi boilers) are the most popular boilers currently installed in the UK. Combined boilers are units that eliminate the need for a hot water tank and save space in the home because you do not need a drying cabinet and there is no space in the attic. As its name suggests, combined boilers combine two functions: they not only contain domestic hot water but also boilers...

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Carbon Monoxide. What Else? Boiler Maintenance in 2018

The appliances in your home are never going to last forever. They’re being used, used and used on a daily basis so you can expect everything from your washing machine to your all important boiler to pack in eventually. Of course, this might happen gradually, so you might just need repairs...

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Picking A Boiler Service In Nottingham? 2 Key Things You NEED To Check First

If you’re getting any sort of boiler service in Nottingham anytime soon, keep reading friend. A boiler is one of those things you don’t want to think about. You just want it to what it is meant to do. Keep everything warm. Great.Unfortunately, you’re going to have to think about boilers at least a few times in your life. And if the time is now? Let’s have a look...

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5 Facts About Alfa Gas: Nottingham’s Brilliant Boiler Installers

1) Gas Safe Registered

Frankly, you shouldn’t even consider letting someone look at your boiler if they aren’t Gas Safe registered...
Legally: The UK governing body requires all engineers to be trained and qualified as Gas Safe. Any engineer you consider taking on MUST be Gas Safe registered simply from a legal perspective...

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