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1) Gas Safe Registered

Frankly, you shouldn’t even consider letting someone look at your boiler if they aren’t Gas Safe registered. Why?
Legally: The UK governing body requires all engineers to be trained and qualified as Gas Safe. Any engineer you consider taking on MUST be Gas Safe registered simply from a legal perspective.
Safety: Your boiler is obviously a very important component in your home. It has potential to be very volatile if not installed or repaired by a correctly trained gas safe engineer. Don’t risk it. Anything boiler installation nottingham, we have you covered.

2) Age UK Accredit and Recommend Us

We have been accredited and recommended by Age UK. This is a testament to the company. Age UK ensure that
- Costs are reasonable.
ridiculous fees are not unexpectedly landed on the customer.
- Service is to a high standard and of notable quality.
You can’t get this accolade and provide below average work. Our work is consistently high level and we rarely make mistakes, especially not critical mistakes.
- Sound honest advice given to clients.
Again, you can’t get this accolade by going into people’s homes and recommending the wrong products and services. We like to provide the correct solution, or at least a range of best options you can choose from so the power is in your hands to get what is right for you.

3) We Are a Family Business

This is a strong trait of the company because we know everyone is absolutely on board to always produce the best results possible. Everyone’s name is on the line and we have too much love and respect for each other to not deliver for each other if not for ourselves!
We have over 15 years of experience in Plumbing and Heating so there really isn’t that much that we don’t know about. We feel like we’ve seen it all and have dealt with so many problems that we’re confident going into every single job that we can keep you happy, keep the work affordable and always be safe in doing so.
We combine our 15 years with Plumbing, Boilers and Heating with over 30 years in the Construction Management industry. This has made us really well versed to deal with commercial as well as residential plumbing and boiler work. It’s given us varied experience in and around domestic and commercial properties giving us wide scope to help businesses and homeowners alike.

4) We are preferred and recommended installers of Baxi and Zanussi Boilers

Baxi and Zanussi boilers are two of the highest regarded boiler suppliers in the UK. Much like Age UK above, being recommended by companies like this is a testament to our brilliant level or work. Not just any company is picked out to be a preferred installer by these guys.
We offer finance deals on our Zanussi boilers and can install one of these boilers for as low as £17 per month. This is a great option as your boiler might be costing you money now and your new boiler pays for itself in savings made. Not to mention if you’re strapped for cash and can’t pay out the hundreds or thousands for a boiler.
Why spend a lot if you can spend a little and save a lot?
Plus, you’ll have a brand new boiler with a long guarantee on it so you don’t need to worry about your boiler again for the foreseeable future.

5) We are Landlords

We help a lot of landlords. Being landlords ourselves, we know that we understand the requirements and level of service that is expected of us.
Being a landlord can be tricky. We’re understanding. With the amount of landlords we’ve serviced over the years, we assume we must be one of the best Boiler + Plumbing companies that landlords could deal with in Nottingham. This combined with being landlords ourselves, we make for a great option for any landlord with any boiler or Plumbing issue…
Wrapping up.
We’re based in Nottingham and always on hand for a chat to see if we can help out.


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